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                                  1. Piezoelectric buzzer note
                                    Piezoelectric buzzer is divided into two types of excitation and self excitation, these 2 kinds of buzzer, the main attention of these 2 piezoelectric buzzer is as follows:Piezoelectric buzzer buzzer ...
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                                  2. Active passive buzzer
                                    In fact, to distinguish between active and passive buzzer, a variety of methods, the simplest appearance recognition, you can see the green of the drive plate is passive buzzer, completely enclosed wi...
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                                  3. What is the role of buzzer
                                    Buzzer is mainly used for prompt and alarm tone.As an integrated structure of the electronic buzzer, buzzer DC voltage power supply, widely used in computers, printers, copiers, sound, alarm, electron...
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                                  4. In the purchase of back electromagnetic buzzer, buzzer will have many kinds of may lead to damage, and thus can not be normal pronunciation, so here are the most common, want to use the buzzer when users should note that if you need a buzzer sound, then you may wish to try.1 electromagnetic buzzer s...
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